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Getting vintage things ready for holiday displays

orns.table When you mix old and new and handmade the way we do at FOUND, figuring out how to fit it all into the shop and not have it look like a big messy mess is tricky.  Especially during the holidays!  Right now the big messy mess is where I live.  My home has become preparation central this week as the final push to clean and price the fun vintage finds that will be incorporated into our holiday displays goes into high gear. Seasonal merchandise from our vendors and artists starting arriving a couple months ago.  We have that stowed away boxes at my house and in my son's basement.  Now it's time to get the vintage things ready.  Decided to give you a sneak peak with photos. Above is what's on my kitchen table today.  And below is my dining room table.  I generally try to keep both kitchen and dining room tables for their intended purpose.  But not this week... orns.dining The breakfast bar is filled with vintage silver.  It'll be great with the antique mercury glass I found.  And the wonderful new platinum trees and ornaments in natural colors.  And of course, all the wonderful candles and holiday decor that we will put out. silver Even the ledge by my stairway is filled with Christmas to come, like these 2 unused rolls of cotton batting "snow". ledge Most of the action has been taking place in my garage. It's filled with display pieces that I picked up at an antique shows over the last couple months. Things have been pretty crazy as I scurry to get everything cleaned and priced to incorporate into displays.  Earlier this week, I spent half a day Briwaxing seven vintage sleds, a green stool, 2 1930's tricycle, a tripod, 2 old crates and a surveyors tripod. garage.trikes Today, the weather was wonderful, so I pulled the truck up in the drive, loaded a junky old porch swing on the tailgate and worked some magic on that peeling paint and crumbling wood. swing.truck This swing will be hanging high in the store, filled with packages and other goodies by this time next week. Lots of elbow grease, brushes, rags and heavy duty gloves are my helpers. gloves. I still need to clean out a cubby desktop cabinet, use the chalkboard paint on some shelves, clean and do something about Santa's workbench (which has been in the back of my van for over a week).  But that's on tomorrow's list. Remember, we'll be closed Monday and Tuesday (November 4, 5).  Can't wait to show you how these vintage pieces accentuate all the other wonderful things in our holiday collection this year! sleds Continue reading

Merry Multiples! Cheaper by the (half) Dozen

  Once again this year, FOUND is offering "Merry Multiples", our season long special for those of you who need a half dozen of something we carry.  Pay for 5 of an item, and get a 6th one absolutely FREE! Here are just a few of the things people have been buying as "Merry Multiples" during the past week: owl ornaments  Funny little owl ornaments, tiny sheep & snowflakes & long-john snowmen for little feather trees. tiny sheep ornaments long john snowman ornament Placemats from Kriss Lecoq.  Featuring the words "be merry" or "sit. eat", these are a great addition to your table with machine washable, casual style. be merry placemat  Other things for a Christmas time table that people are buying in sets of 6:  candles, candleholders, candle rings (which double as napkin rings) and sweet little stockings that are nice size to tuck silverware and napkin into for a festive look.  creative candles tapers silverware stockings Snowflakes and birds of many types have been flying out by the half dozen! snowflakes birds       But by far, the most popular items to get 6 of are the CHOCOLATE-filled peppermint candy canes.  YUMmmm... candycanes Have a delicious week!   Continue reading

Ornaments - Handmade in Michigan

  bot ornament Some of my favorite ornaments at FOUND are ones that are handmade, right here in Michigan.  Deanne Nieburger, aka Deets, is an Ann Arbor artist who makes wonderful little ornaments incorporating recycled vacuum tubes (once used in TVs, radios, speakers and electronics of all sorts).   Above is a robot.  Below are her new style penguin ornament and a snowman ornament.  Each tiny sculpted face has its own personality!  She brought in dozens last week - some with old Christmas light bulbs instead of the electronics tube. snoman bot I love the quirky expressions.  And the adorable little scarves that Deanne makes for each of them.  penguin ornament The Au Gres Sheep Factory, located in Au Gres, Michigan, provides us with fabulous felted wool ornaments each year.  They mainly produce wool and roving for weavers and knitters, but we're really glad they take time out to make these wooly white polar bears! au gres polar bears We carry wooly little Au Gres lambs and sheep year round.  For Christmas, we ordered red wool cardinals and these fox ornaments. au gres fox The Au Gres animals are $18.50 each.  The ornaments by Deets are $16 each.  If you're looking for extra special ornaments, handmade in Michigan, these 2 makers are our top picks. In addition to these, we stock dozens of styles of imported ornaments and a nice collection of vintage ornaments at prices from $3 to $10 each.     Continue reading