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Fit for a Queen! New pendants at FOUND in Kerrytown

hairnet The package claims these Royalty vintage hair nets are "fit for a queen!".   At FOUND, the latest editions to our charm and pendant collection are what we think a queen or your mother might want more. But, whether you have a use for a real hand-made human hair net or not, the packaging is classic vintage beauty shop kitsch.  And so they are displayed right along-side some of our new jewelry collection. From left to right are a few of the new pendants: an hourglass, Eiffel Tower, lucky shamrock, mini birdcage and teeny tiny magnifying glass (which really magnifies!).  These pendants are only $14 each.  They come with a well designed easy release clasp toggle. The miniature hourglass and magnifying glass might be just be perfect for our fairy-sized friends as well.... pendants Other pieces from the same company include letters to form initials or special words. We spelled out LOVE on a charm bracelet. pendants.letters   pendants.mixed We still have Nunn Design Patera findings to make your own customized charms and pendants.  And found little word charms to add to your jewelry. The necklaces below are complete and ready to wear, but we also got the component tiny word charms for those of you who prefer to assemble your own. pendants.words As always, FOUND is open 7 days a week, in the historic Kerrytown Market & Shops.  407 N. 5th Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan.   P.S.  broken watch parts are back in stock if you like to craft with them. watchparts Continue reading

Time keeps on tickin'....

Faces and gears from old watches are great for collage/assemblage and upcycled jewelry projects.  Whenever I find them, they sell out almost immediately.   So I was pretty excited when I recently found a source in Chicago who can keep FOUND well stocked! Our watch faces are priced individually (mostly $2-$3), plus we have mixed gears and parts for $5 per bag.  These are the real deal salvaged from broken vintage watches, not the new (made to look old) ones that you can find at Hobby Lobby and craft stores... Not creative or skilled enough to make your own jewelry from these parts?  Well, we can help you out with that, too!  For some time, Detroit artist Rena Hopkins has been designing terrific steampunk pieces that incorporate antique bits and bobs from broken watches.  You may remember her work from the eco-funky show we hosted last Spring - her earrings and necklaces were so popular at that show that we brought her back! Rena, aka The Divine Iguana, also creates her own designs on game pieces.    Time keeps on tickin', tickin', tickin'....into the future. gonna fly like an eagle... do you remember that song???  I think I'll go google the lyrics Warm regards, Mary Continue reading

Artists who will be in FOUND's April 20-22 Show

FOUND is celebrating Earth Day weekend with an art show that features artists who do their part by using vintage and recycled materials to create eco-funky art!  For 3 days, April 20-22, FOUND will be filled with things that we don't normally carry at the shop, but that appeal to our sense of creative reuse of materials.  Here's an introduction to the 6 artists in our  first annual Eco-funky Art Show.  Cre Fuller is the Ypsilanti artist behind Tin Angry Men Industries.  I've admired Cre's incredible robot lamps and sculptures for years and am thrilled that he's agreed to bring a collection of tin men to FOUND for this show.  Rena Hopkins is a Detroit area artist who will be bringing "steampunk" jewelry created from such found objects as watch parts, old keys and game pieces, but as you can see on her website, the Divine Iguana wears many other artistic hats as well.  We think you'll love her jewelry as much as we do. Many of you know and wear the  jewelry we carry by Ann Arborite  Sarah Stanton.  For this show Sarah is doing wall art with an industrial flair for us!  Sarah is inspired by unusual materials, textures and patterns and loves to work in metal.  We're looking forward to seeing the larger pieces she'll bring to this show.  Hailing from Royal Oak, Marsha Filipiak has been a stained glass artist for a few decades, but recently became facinated by digital minipulation - her use of vintage photos and ephemera as source material is what we like.   Made by Marsha digital collages are mounted on salvaged wood blocks and embellished with found objects for a whimsical effect. Seamstress and artist Celibeth Donnelly is a jack-o-all-trades and master of many!  She's the inspiration behind this show and friend of many of our favorite artistic people.  For this show, we'll feature her new line of bags made from vintage men's ties, as well as her delightful collage prints and notecards. Last, but not least, we're thrilled that John Gutoskey has agreed to participate.  I've long admired his creative process and attention to minute details.  We know that he's bringing the mandala created from salvaged game parts, and look forward to seeing what other mixed media assemblages he'll have at FOUND for this special weekend show. Dates and times for Eco-funky Art Show.  April 20-22 at FOUND. Opening Reception.  Friday April 20  7:00-9:00 p.m. Saturday April 21  9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Sunday April 22   11:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.   Hope to see you there!     Continue reading

New arrival: Colorful Tagua Nut Jewelry

A few weeks ago, we went to Beckman's handcrafted show at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago and found some great new things to carry at FOUND.  This week, our orders started to arrive! Chicago jewelry designer Veronica Riley Martens works with colorful beads made from South American tree nuts called tagua.  This is a newly popular, eco-friendly material that was previously used to make lovely carved buttons in the early part of 20th century.  We've had a variety of vintage tagua buttons at the shop before.  The meat of the nut is noted for it's ability to take colorful dyes.  In natural form, it resembles ivory from elephant tusks, thus is often referred to as vegetable ivory. It's smoothness makes it easy to carve. When plentiful "modern" plastics became available that could be used to make cheaper buttons, tagua nut use fell from favor during the 1930's.  Fortunately, there has been a resurgence of products being made from this plentiful natural material. Veronica includes this info with her jewelry: " Tagua Nut Beads are made from the fuit of a palm tree from the South American rainforests.  This eco-friendly product helps sustain rainforests by harvesting a renewable resource without damaging the trees.  The use of tagua nuts also provides jobs for over 35,000 people in Ecuador alone. (pronounced TOG-wa)."  All the tagua nut jewelry at FOUND is designed by Veronica Riley Martens and handcrafted in Chicago.  We love the necklaces, earrings and rings she sent us in a wonderful palette of greens, orange, grey and brown.  The material is lightweight and easy to wear.  Stop by and see our collection and the sample nut - we think you'll be seeing a revival of the buttons, beads and other products made from the versatile tauga nut in the future!   Continue reading

Jewelry gifts at FOUND

This holiday season, FOUND has a fun selection of jewelry for gifting!  The clever cuff bracelets above are made by 3 Sisters, using recycled license plates - and are very affordable at only $14 each.    Our friend Katina sent in more of her popular woven bracelets (shown below) which sell for $12 - $18. The artist making our recycled wine cork jewelry incorporates her handmade pottery hearts and swirls into many of the necklaces.   Wonder how many friends it takes to supply her with all those corks... Also made in the USA, the peace sign necklaces below features 4 interchangable disks that fit into the magnetized base - giving you 4 different colors for the price of 1. Button jewelry by 3 local artists are always favorites - this year is no exception.   Laura at Bottled Up Designs has a new "cage" style with recycled bottle chips in it.  On her labels, she always includes the bottle history.  In the case of this red glass, it came from ruby red beer bottles that Schlitz used at one point.  Laura is also turning bottoms of bottles into votive candle holders (shown below with earrings in them) and melting complete bottles to form flat bottle-shaped cheese or hor'douvre trays. recycled bottle earrings   Who knew paper could be made into such lovely jewelry?  These from Flying Paper Designs are made with maps and sheet music - with some silver mixed in. If you prefer to make your own jewelry - we can help you with that, too!  Check out our selection of blank rings that you can use as a base to create your something special. Browse through this blog for more gift ideas.  Then hurry on over to FOUND!  If you see something you like, but it's not listed for sale on the website and you live far away - give us a call and we'd be happy to ship it to you.  734-302-3060.     Continue reading

Mid August Finds at FOUND

Lots of things have come into FOUND this week. In Wisconsin, I found several dozen vintage metal tags that were used on a dairy farm to identify the cows.  Emily scrubbed them clean and they would be neat for jewelry or altered art projects. Cuff style bracelets made from recycled license plates!  A big selection of these fun accessories is now in stock.  Just $12 each.  My 5th grade nephew is now a FOUND finder, too - he found me a set of pool balls this week.  If you want the 8 ball, better hurry in! Vintage plastic piggy banks.  In a half dozen styles. Handcrafted earrings made of recycled paper - from Michigan artist Sue Rosengard.  The earrings below are another new arrival from Sue. More robots arrived.... More things are coming in almost every day.  And I love to head out on vintage treasure hunts this time of year.  Hope you can stop by soon and see what else we've found. Regards, Mary owner & finder   . Continue reading