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FOUND Gallery Blog

Unique cards at FOUND

Our A2 artist friend, Celibeth Donnelly, aka Celerybreath, turned her funky fabric animal doll concept into a line of notecards and we're thrilled to have them at FOUND! Featuring collaged dogs and cats, some of them traveling the world to exotic locales, these just make me grin! Another Ann Arborite, Laurie Longo, aka StoriesDivinations brought in a big stack of handmade Valentine cards, but I'm on the road and forgot to take photos of them - I'll do a Valentines post and include her cards next week.  In the meantime, here are some other new arrivals from another Ann Arbor company that sells throughout the country, but these cards are made just down the street.   We love robots! typewriter jewelry at found Isn't this card great for valentines or just to send a friend?  Check out our recycled typewriter key jewelry - made in Michigan.  Rings, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks in stock.  Think of FOUND the next time you need a card that's a bit different! Regards, Mary       Continue reading

Fresh displays at FOUND and January Special

  I love fresh starts. Last week we cleaned and sorted and did inventory (an amazing amount of merchandise went out our door in 2011), then rearranged furniture and started to bring in new things.  The carpet cleaners will come Tuesday night to remove the last of the holiday sparkle glitter dust from the floor.  Besides that, the shop looks fresh and ready for the new year!  Friday night, Paul from Urban Ashes brought in a huge selection of the fabulous picture frames his company makes  from locally cut trees that would traditionally meet their fate in a wood chipper or as firewood.  Each frame is marked with the species and is beautifully finished.  You can read more about Urban Ashes on their website and in this intesting article.  I love the story behind this local Michigan company! Urban Ashes frame at FOUND Monthly Special:  As our featured local company for January, when you buy an Urban Ashes frame, you'll receive a $5.00 FOUND gift card! Other recent additions to the shop are pottery from New York City based CANVAS, more billiard balls, and a new flock of birds that flew in.       Burlap Boutique bag Burlap Boutique's latest recycled coffee bags feature some fun recycled flowers.  Made in Brighton, Michigan. We have a small, but unique selection of cards.  And Laurie from Stories & Divinations delivered more handmade journals crafted from recycled vintage books a couple days ago. Every day next week, we'll be adding more.  Hope to see you soon!     Continue reading

Ornaments - Handmade in Michigan

  bot ornament Some of my favorite ornaments at FOUND are ones that are handmade, right here in Michigan.  Deanne Nieburger, aka Deets, is an Ann Arbor artist who makes wonderful little ornaments incorporating recycled vacuum tubes (once used in TVs, radios, speakers and electronics of all sorts).   Above is a robot.  Below are her new style penguin ornament and a snowman ornament.  Each tiny sculpted face has its own personality!  She brought in dozens last week - some with old Christmas light bulbs instead of the electronics tube. snoman bot I love the quirky expressions.  And the adorable little scarves that Deanne makes for each of them.  penguin ornament The Au Gres Sheep Factory, located in Au Gres, Michigan, provides us with fabulous felted wool ornaments each year.  They mainly produce wool and roving for weavers and knitters, but we're really glad they take time out to make these wooly white polar bears! au gres polar bears We carry wooly little Au Gres lambs and sheep year round.  For Christmas, we ordered red wool cardinals and these fox ornaments. au gres fox The Au Gres animals are $18.50 each.  The ornaments by Deets are $16 each.  If you're looking for extra special ornaments, handmade in Michigan, these 2 makers are our top picks. In addition to these, we stock dozens of styles of imported ornaments and a nice collection of vintage ornaments at prices from $3 to $10 each.     Continue reading