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Time to plant flowers

Frost earlier in the week - 80 degrees yesterday. And beautiful sunny skies this morning.  It's time to plant flowers this weekend! garden.before Below are some things we have in the shop this week that may give you a bit of inspiration.

A vintage salmon pink trowel!  This is the first one I've found.  Have some other nice sturdy green ones.  These old trowels don't bend when you dig into a bit of clay soil like a lot of the new ones.  And we have a few vintage McCoy pots.  I'll be out searching for more vintage pots and garden tools this weekend.


I picked up couple dozen of these rusty orange buckets at the Ann Arbor Antiques Market last month.  Not sure what they were originally used for but they have drainage holes in the bottom so they are perfect for annuals. buckets


Also took in a bunch of old fashioned bushel baskets this week - an inexpensive big planting container - just line it with garden cloth before adding dirt.  And how about using a mop pail to plant a big geranium?


Antique tool boxes are the right size to plop a couple of big pots of flowers in - or to use as a coffee table on the porch!  Bert's tool box is painted orange inside and has the original liner tray.



FOUND has some plant holders made with rulers.  These are manufactured, but we also have yardsticks for those who prefer DIY!


Enjoy these beautiful Spring days!

p.s.  the Ann Arbor Farmers Market had a wonderful selection of annuals and perennials yesterday.  check them out on Saturday or Wednesday...

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FOUND is ready for Summer!

  FOUND is ready for summer!  Are you? Seems like people ease into a more casual style this time of year.  We've been gathering fresh finds at FOUND that are fun for summertime.  Here's a quick photo blog of some of our favorites. At the Third Sunday Market in Bloomington, Illinois, I found someone who was making flowers with antique doorknobs - of course I needed to bring some back to Ann Arbor!   Another artist at that show had flowers she made from corrigated tin from rusty sheds - all the small ones sold already - but we still have a few of these huge ones. Great on a garden fence or hung instead of a summer wreath.  Love these for casual rooms and cottages, as well.  This vintage sign proclaiming Air Conditioned was probably from a motel or cabins for vacationers.  In rough shape, but the red plastic letters are screwed on, so could be removed to repaint - but it makes me smile just the way it is.

Briwaxed this heavy duty, large capacity vintage red wheelbarrow and wheeled it into the shop.  Put a little display of sweet (okey-dokey) artichoke pillows in in, but it would be quite happy in someone's garden.  While you wait for your flowers to fill in, plant these in a row for instant color!  And add some candles to the garden stake votive holders to illuminate your party. Back by popular demand:  Great Lakes Pillows & Go Jump in the Lake signs!     Enjoy these lovely days & nights!   Continue reading