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Blackboard paint on tables and walls, plus vintage anatomy charts

  Since it's back to school time, chalkboard paint seemed like a good thing to use to spruce things up at the shop this week.  I used blackboard paint on top of this vintage wood table/desk. It was an easy application. I buy the Rust-o-leum brand. Before actually writing on it with chalk,  the paint needs to settle for 3 or more days, then be "conditioned".  To do this, use the side of a white piece of chalk to completely cover the surface with chalk, let sit for awhile, then wipe off with a dry cloth or blackboard eraser.  Repeat the next day, completely covering with chalk and erasing. Then it will finally be ready to write on with chalk.  After that you can use a damp cloth to wipe it off occassionally. If you don't condition the painted surface, it will keep the "memory" of every mark you put on it. I also picked up a green can of chalkboard paint and put it on a display wall.  When it's ready to be "chalked up" the color will be toned down a bit.  I think I'll like it better with the white added.  We already had several big display panels conditioned with blackboard paint.  My blackboard handwriting can't compare to my grade school teachers, but using chalk is fun.  While it can be a bit messy with chalk dust, I love the idea of having permission to draw or write on walls and furniture.  What kid wouldn't love a craft table with a chalkboard top?  Here's what we hung from the "chalkboards" in the back of the shop: These are GIGANTIC early 1900's school anatomy teaching aids.  This skeleton guy is definately taller than I am!  Here's his BIG FOOT: You probably recognize these Max Brodel illustrations, as they are the standards that have been used in biology and medical textbooks for years.  We have six from the set, but only had room to hang two of them.  I love the detail of these American Froshe Anatomical Charts - this set was produced by the A. J. Nystrom Company specifically for use in classrooms.  They came from an auction at a high school that was being torn down.  I bought them from a woman who went to that auction - wish I had been there! Regards, Mary         Continue reading

FOUND workshop photos - John & Lynn Whipple

Finally.... here are the photos from the July 2011 collage & assemblage workshops with mixed media artists Lynn and John Whipple.   The first day's focus was collage - vintage papers, adhesives, paint and messy fun!   By the end of the day, most projects were finished and framed in shadow boxes.  Some wonderfully creative work! Here's the fun group of ladies (and John) at the end of the first workshop.  Those smiles say it all! The second Whipple workshop was 3-D assemblage in a found box - below is the group that joined us on Sunday. Some folks took both days of class and others just came for the assemblage class.   Most of the day, I was back at the shop, so missed getting photos of the finished boxes.  My pictures are most works in progress... It was another lively day, full of creativity!  Thanks Lynn & John, and all who participated.       Continue reading

FOUND Workshop Photos - Chris Roberts-Antieau

  It's been a busy summer for workshops at FOUND.  I'll use the next couple posts to show photos from the series. We were thrilled to host textile artist Chris Roberts-Antieau earlier this month.  Lots of creative sketching, planning, cutting, ironing and sewing took place in those two days! (Thanks to Pat Johnston who took these photos) The workshop started with sketching and drawing.  Then the fun of selecting colorful fabrics began!  Numerous tables throughout the room were STACKED with textiles of every color and pattern.  At the beginning of the workshop, they were all arranged by color in very neat piles.  By the end of the workshop, they looked like this.  Lots of creatve textile combinations happened in the meantime.   Chris pulled out her scissors - instruction in cutting, fusing and layering commenced!  Slowly, but surely, fabric "pictures" began to evolve.   A good iron is essential in doing art the Roberts-Antieau way! On the second day, the sewing began!         I was amazed as I watched everybody interpret their initial concepts onto fabric.          Two days wasn't nearly enough time to finish - work will continue at home.   The variety and lively use color and pattern in these projects was amazing.  We need to schedule a reunion for  this creative group of women in the autumn - after the finishing touches are completed.   We send a HUGE heartfelt THANK YOU to Chris (with help from Chris, Celibeth and Sylvia).  We're so fortunate to know you!         Continue reading

Mid August Finds at FOUND

Lots of things have come into FOUND this week. In Wisconsin, I found several dozen vintage metal tags that were used on a dairy farm to identify the cows.  Emily scrubbed them clean and they would be neat for jewelry or altered art projects. Cuff style bracelets made from recycled license plates!  A big selection of these fun accessories is now in stock.  Just $12 each.  My 5th grade nephew is now a FOUND finder, too - he found me a set of pool balls this week.  If you want the 8 ball, better hurry in! Vintage plastic piggy banks.  In a half dozen styles. Handcrafted earrings made of recycled paper - from Michigan artist Sue Rosengard.  The earrings below are another new arrival from Sue. More robots arrived.... More things are coming in almost every day.  And I love to head out on vintage treasure hunts this time of year.  Hope you can stop by soon and see what else we've found. Regards, Mary owner & finder   . Continue reading

Chris Roberts-Antieau Trunk Show at FOUND. Aug. 6th

    Our summer workshop series continues next weekend when Chris Roberts-Antieau comes to FOUND to teach a two-day fabric arts workshop called "Textile Wit & Wonder". Saturday night we're hosting a trunk show and you're invited! 

Chris Roberts-Antieau Trunk Show

Saturday, August 6. 6:00-9:00 p.m.

7:00 p.m. Short Artist Talk by Chris

Free Event @ FOUND

Chris is best-known for her “fabric paintings,” which find humor and irony in everyday life and pop culture. Her colorful booth at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair is always amazing with huge scale applique work. For the FOUND trunk show, Chris will also be bringing some smaller scale pieces, framed prints and cards. She'll be happy to sign copies of her book. At 7:00 Chris will give a short artist talk, followed by a Q & A about her work and the creative process. We'll have the documentary film, "The Life of Chris Roberts-Antieau: A Love Letter to Tom Waits", by Angela Kline running throughout the evening. We hope you can join us in this celebration of creativity! P.S. We measured the workshop space at the Kerrytown Concert House a couple days ago and decided that there is plenty of room to fit 18 participants, so we added 2 more spots! If you are interested in taking the Sat/Sunday class, register at     . Continue reading

FUN with mixed media artists Lynn & John Whipple!

FOUND is hosting two mixed media workshops and a trunk show the weekend before Art Fairs with the Whipples.  This is the second year that Lynn and John have agreed to teach. Registration is at FOUND or They are a couple of our favorite artists from the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair and we're thrilled to have them back again!  The Whipples started exhibiting at The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Original in 2005, the same year that FOUND opened.  My friend and shop assistant, Sylvia Lang brought them to FOUND the day after that fair ended, knowing that the odd vintage hardware and paper we carry would appeal to them.  It's been interesting over the years to find "rust", antique epehemera, unusual surfaces and odd dodads for them - and the cadre of mixed media artists - that come to FOUND around Art Fair time.  If you've been to the fair, you probably recognize their work.  Lynn is a mixed media collage and assemblage artist.  John specializes in mixed media sculpture and painting.  Their booths sit side by side near Burton Tower - and you'll often see Lynn playing the guitar in the grass near her booth. Below are some links and photos.  What the photos don't capture is what great instructors they are - you'll have to come to the workshops to see for yourself! Here's John's website.  A couple images doesn't begin to tell the story of his diverse ways of getting surfaces to have a look unlike any other artist.  I'm facinated by the way he alters metal - especially rusty metal - to achieve unusual backgrounds for his paintings.  Look closely at his 3-D piece  for bits of old toys and bobbles.  I love the surprise element in his work. Here's Lynn's website.  She is one of the nicest, most encouraging, creative, fun people you could ever take a class from.  Her playfulness and sense of fun just spills out into her art.  Many people know her for her "Ninny" series, but her creativity is alway reaching out in new directions.    I just love her large multi-layered collage birds.  The Starling collage/painting was gigantic - I missed out on getting it for my living room last summer.... Here's a short version of our 3 days with Lynn & John Whipple at FOUND: Friday, July 15th from 6:00-9:00 p.m.  Trunk Show &  Welcome Party at FOUND.  You'll get a preview of their new art before the official start of Art Fair - enjoy refreshments (we love cheese and the market downstairs has the best) - and maybe Lynn will play a little banjo music...or bring some other surprises. Saturday, July 16.  10:00-4:00.  Collage! Collage! Collage! day long mixed media collage workshop at the Kerrytown Concert House.  Sunday, July 17.  10:00-4:00.  Assemblage in a Found Box workshop at the Kerrytown Concert House. The trunk show and welcome party is free and open to the public.  The workshops are $150/class.  BONUS:  If you refer a friend to come and have fun with you at the class, you'll both get a $10 FOUND gift card.  If you already signed up and refer a friend, you'll also get a $10 gift card.  Limit 5 friend bonus. Register today on this website or by calling or stopping by the shop.  734.302.3060.     . Continue reading

May Market finds

My trip to The Third Sunday Market in Bloomington, Illinois yielded a van full of vintage treasures!  I returned home late Wednesday and have been working to get things cleaned and into the store.  Here's a small sampling of what we found.   Signs and vintage store display pieces were found at the Third Sunday Market and at Old Warehouse Antiques, also in Bloomington.  Vintage Beacon Shoe Sign The lighthouse image on this Beacon Shoe store sign would make it a great cottage accent.  It even lights up, so could work as a nightlight.  Another sign is for Red Goose Shoes, an iconic old name in children's shoes. Vintage Red Goose Shoes store sign I picked up 7 heavy old street signs.  4 of them for West Main Street.  In Ann Arbor, Main Street runs north and south, but if it runs east and west in your town, then I have a sign for that!  Also, one for East North Street, East Webster and South Clinton. vintage street sign I bought old store advertising display stands.  2 for LifeSavers and another for Beech Nut Gum.  All have bright, original vintage graphics. vintage Beech Nut Gum display rack The wackiest sign I got was a carnival sign for the bearded lady and the strong man.   I couldn't stand back far enough to  photograph the whole thing.  Here's part of it - It's covered with graffitti, but I think that's part of what makes it so cool. Picked up some creepy looking antique tin head dolls.  And some lovely old paper dolls. Found some little things that are fun to incorporate into recycled projects.  Rulers, game pieces, watch parts, DeKalb seed corn bag tags, old keys and more. vintage watch parts Replenished our salt and pepper drawer and supply of handstitched kitchen towels. I found quite a few photos and postcards that I need some time to sort and price before they end up at FOUND, but I did take in this interesting 1933 Chicago World's Fair "Foto Reel". Picked up almost 100 alphabet blocks to add to our supply.  Now is a good time to stop by if there are any particular letters you need. Filled two boxes with vintage pottery vases and planters.  Some kitchy and some really nice. This post is getting pretty long, so I'll end it with a wag of a tail and a good-bye for now! Everything pictured here is in the store now and available for purchase.  If you're intested in something you see, but not able to come to Ann Arbor, please call during business hours or email and we'd be happy to help you!  More photos soon. Continue reading