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Wee bit o' green for St. Pat's Day


You may not find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but if you shop at FOUND in Ann Arbor through St. Patrick's Day, you'll get 17% off any item that has even a wee bit of green as part of it.  This is our annual special in honor of my Irish Grandmother and my dad (who once painted his dress shoes green for a St. Pat's Day wedding).

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Mark your Holiday Shopping Calendars

e..elf   The 2014 Christmas Store opens November 6th at FOUND in Ann Arbor! Here's what we have planned for the 2014 holidays: November 4 & 5.  CLOSED while we work some holiday magic. November 6th.  9:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.  Shop reopens for first look at FOUND's 2014 Collection! Friday, Nov. 7.  Holiday Kick off Party.  5:00-7:00 p.m. Refreshments. Merry Multiples begins.  $10 gift card free when you make a purchase! Sunday, Nov. 9.  Stamping Sunday.  Drop in between 3 and 4 p.m. to stamp gift bags and tags. $3 materials fee. Sunday, Nov. 16.  Kerrytown Open House.  10 am-6 pm.  20% off storewide + Merry Multiples! Closed for Thanksgiving. November 29.  Small Business Saturday specials. Friday, Dec. 5.  Midnight MADNESS!  Sales ALL day until midnight. 20% off storewide + Merry Multiples! Dec. 12,19.  Festive Fridays in Kerrytown - shops open til 8:00 p.m. for your convenience.       Continue reading

Dreamy Mixed Media Boats


Lovely little boats by mixed media artist Kathleen Koopman are floating in the window at FOUND on a dreamy voyage. The sailboats have dainty handkerchiefs or recycled fabrics as sails and float through the air like something out of  a bedtime story. Others tell a story of companionship. Birds join in the journey. boat.sidebyside We asked Kathleen to share her inspiration for these dreamy boats:

I'm part collector, part archivist, part archaeologist, and part researcher. I find things, arrange them, organize them, and display them.

My work for the past several years has focused on the assemblage of found objects, scraps, photographs, fiber, and paper, to create a narrative with memories and dreams intertwined.

I draw from a collection of artifacts, found: junk stores, the street, the landscape, the pathways of life: items cast off and abandoned, waiting for the opportunity tell their stories, effected by time and memory.

Constructing boats rose out of that process, out of these materials, as an extension of the assemblage process, and the inspiration grew fueled by the metaphors: voyages, sailing, hulls, rigging, sails, navigation driven by the vagaries of wind and water: discovery, travel, wandering.

Bon Voyage!

Kathleen Koopman.  July 2014.


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Made in Michigan. Ceramics by Darcy Bowden.

darcy.char3 During Ann Arbor Art Fair week, Darcy Bowden will be our featured artist, bringing over one HUNDRED of her ceramic works to the shop!  We're clearing out the center section to make room for this fun made in michigan show and sale.  Her quirky, modern pieces often have whimsical POPS of color and sensitively drawn lines in the design. Other groups have a mid century feel with chunky sculptural shapes. Ceramic Art & Printmaking Show with Darcy Bowden  Tuesday, July 15, 2014.  Opening Reception Party. 4-8 pm. July 16,17,18. Meet the artist 3-7 pm daily at FOUND. Sat. July 19.  11 am - 2 pm.  Clay Demo by Darcy!  Hand forming & decorating simple, modernist bowls using ancient paddling techniques. The group above is just out of the kiln over at Yourist Studios where Darcy does her magic.  Notice the bowl shapes.  The clay is formed by paddling it over a specially selected stone - a very old method with a modern twist.  At the Saturday demo (7/19 from 11-2 at FOUND) Darcy will show us how it's done.  The vessels below are an entirely different group she does.  All these are coming to the show! darcy.modern Darcy is a long time FOUND friend and inspiration!  Many Ann Arborites will recognize Darcy from her days as an art teacher at Huron High School.  I almost forgot to mention that printmaking is another of her passions and she'll also bring prints, cards and other fun things to the show. Hope to see you during Art Fair Week 2014!       Continue reading

Getting vintage things ready for holiday displays

orns.table When you mix old and new and handmade the way we do at FOUND, figuring out how to fit it all into the shop and not have it look like a big messy mess is tricky.  Especially during the holidays!  Right now the big messy mess is where I live.  My home has become preparation central this week as the final push to clean and price the fun vintage finds that will be incorporated into our holiday displays goes into high gear. Seasonal merchandise from our vendors and artists starting arriving a couple months ago.  We have that stowed away boxes at my house and in my son's basement.  Now it's time to get the vintage things ready.  Decided to give you a sneak peak with photos. Above is what's on my kitchen table today.  And below is my dining room table.  I generally try to keep both kitchen and dining room tables for their intended purpose.  But not this week... orns.dining The breakfast bar is filled with vintage silver.  It'll be great with the antique mercury glass I found.  And the wonderful new platinum trees and ornaments in natural colors.  And of course, all the wonderful candles and holiday decor that we will put out. silver Even the ledge by my stairway is filled with Christmas to come, like these 2 unused rolls of cotton batting "snow". ledge Most of the action has been taking place in my garage. It's filled with display pieces that I picked up at an antique shows over the last couple months. Things have been pretty crazy as I scurry to get everything cleaned and priced to incorporate into displays.  Earlier this week, I spent half a day Briwaxing seven vintage sleds, a green stool, 2 1930's tricycle, a tripod, 2 old crates and a surveyors tripod. garage.trikes Today, the weather was wonderful, so I pulled the truck up in the drive, loaded a junky old porch swing on the tailgate and worked some magic on that peeling paint and crumbling wood. swing.truck This swing will be hanging high in the store, filled with packages and other goodies by this time next week. Lots of elbow grease, brushes, rags and heavy duty gloves are my helpers. gloves. I still need to clean out a cubby desktop cabinet, use the chalkboard paint on some shelves, clean and do something about Santa's workbench (which has been in the back of my van for over a week).  But that's on tomorrow's list. Remember, we'll be closed Monday and Tuesday (November 4, 5).  Can't wait to show you how these vintage pieces accentuate all the other wonderful things in our holiday collection this year! sleds Continue reading

Annual October "Old Stuff" Sale at FOUND


 If you are on our email list, follow FOUND on Facebook or have been in the shop this month, you know about our "Old Stuff" sale already.  It's that time of year when all vintage and antique merchandise is 20% off.  Throughout October we clear as much of the vintage as possible to make room for the November switch0ver to the holidays.  I had a chance to go to some great sales in August and September so we started the month with fresh vintage merchandise.  Above are some tags that were intended to be attached to a cows ear.  Never used, but nicely rusted around the edges. Found them at The 3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington, Illinois.  Might be fun to use in jewelry or collage. dollheads I found over a hundred pairs of vintage sleepeye sets of doll eyeballs at the Alameda Antiques Market when I was in San Francisco in August.  The counterweight mechanism and piece that would attach into the nose makes it so they stand upright. Reminds me of something out of A Bugs Life or Toy Story.  Fun to have on a shelf or play with. eyeballs At the Allegan, Michigan antique show, I found a huge lot of drawer pulls.  Only have about 8 left, but they would be wonderful on kitchen cabinets. handles   album Like old photographs?  I added lots of new snapshots to the fifty cent box this week.  And we have hundreds of loose cabinet cards and this wonderful old album filled with antique photographs.  I also bought a collection of over 250 postcards, mostly addressed to young Nellie Jones.  Some of my favorite Halloween postcards sold already, but the rests are all at FOUND now. pcWitch Remember - if it's old - it's on sale this month at FOUND!     Continue reading

Made in Michigan Monday: Urban Ashes & Detroit DeNailed frames

Detroit DeNailed frames The spirit of collaboration and thinking outside the box by the Urban Ashes Picture Frame Company is a Michigan success story!  As one of their first retail partners, we're pleased to be a small part of that story. Urban Ashes founder Paul M. Hickman will be presenting a FOUND Art Talk on Friday, June 21st at 6:30 p.m. during Artwalk Ann Arbor.  For this half hour Art Talk, Paul will share stories about working with municipalities, businesses and non-profit groups in an endeavor which creates jobs for transitional workers while keeping felled urban trees from being turned into mulch and firewood (or out of the landfills).  Paul will also talk about the latest collaboration with non-profit groups who are deconstructing Detroit homes scheduled for demolition.  His line of Detroit DeNailed frames are born from that effort. Providing work and sustainable products is what it's all about! The art talk will take place across the hall from FOUND at Fustini's Oils & Vinegars on the second floor of the Kerrytown Market & Shops.  Fusinis will be sampling hor'dourves made from their incredible products during the evening.  If you weren't already aware,  Artwalk Ann Arbor is a new one night event with about a dozen walkable venues from Kerrytown to Main Street.   detroit.denailed.frame CLEARANCE SAle. We have a great selection of made in Michigan Urban Ashes frames to choose from every day.  As a bonus on the weekend of Art Walk, we'll have even more - at reduced prices! As the company has evolved, Paul has amassed a good sized group of experimental, one-offs and "seconds" that will be available for sale at great discounts. Still pretty wonderful for your favorite photos, but don't go with what they are doing now, so they are being cleared out of the warehouse.  This special sale will begin at 5:00 June 21 - and end promptly at 5 p.m. Sunday, June 23.  Come Friday evening for the best selection! Here's the link if you'd like to follow Urban Ashes on Facebook. I'll be adding more info about what FOUND is doing for Art Walk in the next few days, but here are a couple tidbits - muralist Katherine Larson will be painting little scenes of Ann Arbor right in the shop from 5:00-7:00.  Our neighbors 16 Hands, Heavenly Metal and Metal, plus galleries on Main Street will have trunk shows or demos as well.  Food, wine, art, friends, good conversation all on a Friday night.  With time to head to Top of the Park afterwards.  Ann Arbor in the summertime, ahhh.... urbanashes1 Continue reading

Upcycled jewelry that really measures up!

bracelet.ruler Using vintage metal folding rulers to create unique bracelets and rings is a novel idea for upcycled jewelry.  Lightweight and eco-funky, these are a new favorite with our customers.  Made in Wisconsin - available at FOUND. Below are some other pieces by the same artist who uses old road signs, heavy aluminum restaurant trays and salvaged industrial metals.  Rings, bracelets AND these awesome money clips = great gift ideas! moneyclip Cuff bracelets with vintage Coca Cola tags on various recycled metal bases. bracelet.coke For some of the cuff bracelets, the artist used parts of old fire extinguishers.  All these have a very industrial look. bracelet.extinguisher     Continue reading

What's new at FOUND?

One of my favorite things about FOUND is the variety of merchandise that works with our concept of mixing old and new and handmade into one fun store.  This post features photos of some of our latest finds in each of those categories.  First up are these nutritional teaching aids from the late 1950's.  I love the vintage Fiesta style dishes.   Pick out your favorite food combos. Check out the nutritional stats on the back.  Interesting for recycled paper arts or just to hang on the fridge.  We have dozens available, but when they are gone, I don't know if I'll ever find them again. food.groups Here's a uique photo frame for the cottage - handcrafted from vintage water skis   The bindings are left on the back side to hold the frame upright.  How awesome is that for that photos at the lake? ski.frame.front   ski.frame.back If you're more into sailing than water skiing, then we have a couple vintage books with yachting instructions! book.yatch This toy lithographed tin blue & white tea set is in rough condition, but we still love it. bluewillow.childs I first saw these special little notebooks at Detroit Mercantile in the Eastern Market area.  Now we have them at FOUND, too (thanks,  Robert, for sharing your source).  Perfect for laying out your big ideas - and to note all the little steps to fulfill those schemes and dreams. notesbooks   notebook.plan Speaking of Detroit, Urban Ashes has a new "Detroit DeNailed" line of frames in which they collaborate with a non-profit group that deconstructs homes that were slated for demolition.  On Friday, June 21st at 6:30, come to Kerrytown to hear Paul M. Hickman tell the Urban Ashes story, including how Detroit DeNailed evolved.  The talk will be part of the first Art Showcase Art Walk Ann Arbor event.


If you have a dog, you might get a chuckle out of this magnet:

dog.magnet Here's a little vintage dog that you never need to let in and out. dog.guard dots.glasses Lots more to show you, but need to go.... more later!       Continue reading