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FOUND Gallery Blog

Vintage Bottles & Jars

FOUND is overflowing with vintage bottles and jars this week!  Perfect for a little bouquet of flowers - Donna plopped these colorful blooms from the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market into one at the shop. ball.jar.crop When I picked my latest batches of bottles and jars at the antique show, weddings were on my mind.  Old  jars and vintage bottles can be casually elegant when decorating for events at party barns or outdoor venues.  Canning jars are sweet as vases, but the  jars with metal bail handles are also great to hang from branches, trellis' or trees with a tiny votive candle nestled inside each one.  For safety, you might use the small battery candles or even tiny rice lights which have the effect of fireflies twinkling in the jars.  The more the better for a summertime celebration! boat.balljars Antique "cures" bottles look lovely with a simple, single stem in each bottle.  Try tying them together with a wrapping of twine or ribbon in groups of three bottles of varying heights for a unique table decoration. bluebottles Jars can be filled with many things, including wishes.  Here's a link to our artist friend Lynn Whipple's video on painting messages on bottles.  She makes everything easy and FuN! We also have old milk bottles by the dozens right now.  Almost a hundred vintage canning jars.  Large brown bottles.  And tiny little watch part vials.  If you like old bottles and jars, this July is a good time to visit FOUND! milk.3dollars Web friend Bonus: Stop by FOUND and  let us know you read this post and what you think about Lynn's video, and we'll give you a FREE milk bottle like those pictured above or a clear bailed pint canning jar - while supplies last.    Here's one final picture.  Don't you just love the way blue and aqua bottles and canning jars look with light shining through them? bluejars     Continue reading

Jewelry gifts at FOUND

This holiday season, FOUND has a fun selection of jewelry for gifting!  The clever cuff bracelets above are made by 3 Sisters, using recycled license plates - and are very affordable at only $14 each.    Our friend Katina sent in more of her popular woven bracelets (shown below) which sell for $12 - $18. The artist making our recycled wine cork jewelry incorporates her handmade pottery hearts and swirls into many of the necklaces.   Wonder how many friends it takes to supply her with all those corks... Also made in the USA, the peace sign necklaces below features 4 interchangable disks that fit into the magnetized base - giving you 4 different colors for the price of 1. Button jewelry by 3 local artists are always favorites - this year is no exception.   Laura at Bottled Up Designs has a new "cage" style with recycled bottle chips in it.  On her labels, she always includes the bottle history.  In the case of this red glass, it came from ruby red beer bottles that Schlitz used at one point.  Laura is also turning bottoms of bottles into votive candle holders (shown below with earrings in them) and melting complete bottles to form flat bottle-shaped cheese or hor'douvre trays. recycled bottle earrings   Who knew paper could be made into such lovely jewelry?  These from Flying Paper Designs are made with maps and sheet music - with some silver mixed in. If you prefer to make your own jewelry - we can help you with that, too!  Check out our selection of blank rings that you can use as a base to create your something special. Browse through this blog for more gift ideas.  Then hurry on over to FOUND!  If you see something you like, but it's not listed for sale on the website and you live far away - give us a call and we'd be happy to ship it to you.  734-302-3060.     Continue reading