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FOUND Gallery Blog

Artists who will be in FOUND's April 20-22 Show

FOUND is celebrating Earth Day weekend with an art show that features artists who do their part by using vintage and recycled materials to create eco-funky art!  For 3 days, April 20-22, FOUND will be filled with things that we don't normally carry at the shop, but that appeal to our sense of creative reuse of materials.  Here's an introduction to the 6 artists in our  first annual Eco-funky Art Show.  Cre Fuller is the Ypsilanti artist behind Tin Angry Men Industries.  I've admired Cre's incredible robot lamps and sculptures for years and am thrilled that he's agreed to bring a collection of tin men to FOUND for this show.  Rena Hopkins is a Detroit area artist who will be bringing "steampunk" jewelry created from such found objects as watch parts, old keys and game pieces, but as you can see on her website, the Divine Iguana wears many other artistic hats as well.  We think you'll love her jewelry as much as we do. Many of you know and wear the  jewelry we carry by Ann Arborite  Sarah Stanton.  For this show Sarah is doing wall art with an industrial flair for us!  Sarah is inspired by unusual materials, textures and patterns and loves to work in metal.  We're looking forward to seeing the larger pieces she'll bring to this show.  Hailing from Royal Oak, Marsha Filipiak has been a stained glass artist for a few decades, but recently became facinated by digital minipulation - her use of vintage photos and ephemera as source material is what we like.   Made by Marsha digital collages are mounted on salvaged wood blocks and embellished with found objects for a whimsical effect. Seamstress and artist Celibeth Donnelly is a jack-o-all-trades and master of many!  She's the inspiration behind this show and friend of many of our favorite artistic people.  For this show, we'll feature her new line of bags made from vintage men's ties, as well as her delightful collage prints and notecards. Last, but not least, we're thrilled that John Gutoskey has agreed to participate.  I've long admired his creative process and attention to minute details.  We know that he's bringing the mandala created from salvaged game parts, and look forward to seeing what other mixed media assemblages he'll have at FOUND for this special weekend show. Dates and times for Eco-funky Art Show.  April 20-22 at FOUND. Opening Reception.  Friday April 20  7:00-9:00 p.m. Saturday April 21  9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Sunday April 22   11:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.   Hope to see you there!     Continue reading

FOUND workshop photos - John & Lynn Whipple

Finally.... here are the photos from the July 2011 collage & assemblage workshops with mixed media artists Lynn and John Whipple.   The first day's focus was collage - vintage papers, adhesives, paint and messy fun!   By the end of the day, most projects were finished and framed in shadow boxes.  Some wonderfully creative work! Here's the fun group of ladies (and John) at the end of the first workshop.  Those smiles say it all! The second Whipple workshop was 3-D assemblage in a found box - below is the group that joined us on Sunday. Some folks took both days of class and others just came for the assemblage class.   Most of the day, I was back at the shop, so missed getting photos of the finished boxes.  My pictures are most works in progress... It was another lively day, full of creativity!  Thanks Lynn & John, and all who participated.       Continue reading

Artist Lynn Whipple shares her inspiration

By now, most of you know that mixed media artists Lynn & John Whipple are coming to FOUND next week to teach 2 workshops.  Lynn just posted on her blog about it and I'm quoting most of  what she wrote about sharing the creative process below (or you can go directly to her blog to read).  I love her approach to art - and to life, as well!  In Lynn's words - If I was to make a mini list of my favorite things, it might look like this: 1. Laugh 2. Make stuff 3. Play with friends 4. Talk about art and the creative process 5. Learn new things I can’t think of a better way to do all of these things, with wonderful people in an inspiring setting, than to join together for a mixed media workshop. What could possibly be more fun than sharing ideas, techniques and time with like minded folks??  ... Lately, as a teacher and an artist, the thing that really turns my ticket is the creative process itself. I am really enjoying putting my focus on what this “making stuff” looks like and how we navigate through all the steps that result in a finished piece. I believe that one of the great pleasures in life is taking the tiny seed of an idea all the way to a tangible reality…and then sharing it. YES!! So in the upcoming workshops, count on lots of new info on how to make your creative dreams become a reality. Another thing to look forward to is a new set of design exercises. I love collage and drawing and want to take some time to discuss how important composition is in all things! Art making is such a rich and varied pursuit, lets celebrate it together! All my bestest best!! xoxo Lynn           Continue reading