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FORESHADOWING with Photographer Jane Kramer

FORESHADOWING with Photographer Jane Kramer

Botanical Art Show through March 19th

Found is pleased to present a fascinating collection of botanical art by Michigan photographer Jane Kramer. For her "Foreshadowing" project, Jane photographs the shadows of endangered plant species and transfers the images onto paper she makes from invasive plant species... Read more.

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Dreamy Mixed Media Boats


Lovely little boats by mixed media artist Kathleen Koopman are floating in the window at FOUND on a dreamy voyage. The sailboats have dainty handkerchiefs or recycled fabrics as sails and float through the air like something out of  a bedtime story. Others tell a story of companionship. Birds join in the journey. boat.sidebyside We asked Kathleen to share her inspiration for these dreamy boats:

I'm part collector, part archivist, part archaeologist, and part researcher. I find things, arrange them, organize them, and display them.

My work for the past several years has focused on the assemblage of found objects, scraps, photographs, fiber, and paper, to create a narrative with memories and dreams intertwined.

I draw from a collection of artifacts, found: junk stores, the street, the landscape, the pathways of life: items cast off and abandoned, waiting for the opportunity tell their stories, effected by time and memory.

Constructing boats rose out of that process, out of these materials, as an extension of the assemblage process, and the inspiration grew fueled by the metaphors: voyages, sailing, hulls, rigging, sails, navigation driven by the vagaries of wind and water: discovery, travel, wandering.

Bon Voyage!

Kathleen Koopman.  July 2014.


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Made in Michigan. Ceramics by Darcy Bowden.

darcy.char3 During Ann Arbor Art Fair week, Darcy Bowden will be our featured artist, bringing over one HUNDRED of her ceramic works to the shop!  We're clearing out the center section to make room for this fun made in michigan show and sale.  Her quirky, modern pieces often have whimsical POPS of color and sensitively drawn lines in the design. Other groups have a mid century feel with chunky sculptural shapes. Ceramic Art & Printmaking Show with Darcy Bowden  Tuesday, July 15, 2014.  Opening Reception Party. 4-8 pm. July 16,17,18. Meet the artist 3-7 pm daily at FOUND. Sat. July 19.  11 am - 2 pm.  Clay Demo by Darcy!  Hand forming & decorating simple, modernist bowls using ancient paddling techniques. The group above is just out of the kiln over at Yourist Studios where Darcy does her magic.  Notice the bowl shapes.  The clay is formed by paddling it over a specially selected stone - a very old method with a modern twist.  At the Saturday demo (7/19 from 11-2 at FOUND) Darcy will show us how it's done.  The vessels below are an entirely different group she does.  All these are coming to the show! darcy.modern Darcy is a long time FOUND friend and inspiration!  Many Ann Arborites will recognize Darcy from her days as an art teacher at Huron High School.  I almost forgot to mention that printmaking is another of her passions and she'll also bring prints, cards and other fun things to the show. Hope to see you during Art Fair Week 2014!       Continue reading

Quick photos of weekend show - ends April 22

FOUND's Eco-funky Earth Day weekend Art Show is almost over.... ends at 5:00 Sunday, April 22nd.  No time to write now, but are a few photos: Above: Cre Fuller's robots with admirer - photo compliments of Charlene Plagens.  Below: Sarah Stanton metal wall art. Above: Bingo Twin wooden dolls.   Below: Fashion collage. Both by Marsha Filipiak. Mirror (2 views) and cottage assemblages by John Gutoskey.   Below: Jewelry made from watches by Rena Hopkins.   Below: bags constructed from vintage neckties and handstitched heart pillows by Celibeth Donnelly.   Below: more robots by Cre Fuller.       What a fun show!  Next post will announce winner of our $50 FOUND gift card drawing.     Continue reading

Artists who will be in FOUND's April 20-22 Show

FOUND is celebrating Earth Day weekend with an art show that features artists who do their part by using vintage and recycled materials to create eco-funky art!  For 3 days, April 20-22, FOUND will be filled with things that we don't normally carry at the shop, but that appeal to our sense of creative reuse of materials.  Here's an introduction to the 6 artists in our  first annual Eco-funky Art Show.  Cre Fuller is the Ypsilanti artist behind Tin Angry Men Industries.  I've admired Cre's incredible robot lamps and sculptures for years and am thrilled that he's agreed to bring a collection of tin men to FOUND for this show.  Rena Hopkins is a Detroit area artist who will be bringing "steampunk" jewelry created from such found objects as watch parts, old keys and game pieces, but as you can see on her website, the Divine Iguana wears many other artistic hats as well.  We think you'll love her jewelry as much as we do. Many of you know and wear the  jewelry we carry by Ann Arborite  Sarah Stanton.  For this show Sarah is doing wall art with an industrial flair for us!  Sarah is inspired by unusual materials, textures and patterns and loves to work in metal.  We're looking forward to seeing the larger pieces she'll bring to this show.  Hailing from Royal Oak, Marsha Filipiak has been a stained glass artist for a few decades, but recently became facinated by digital minipulation - her use of vintage photos and ephemera as source material is what we like.   Made by Marsha digital collages are mounted on salvaged wood blocks and embellished with found objects for a whimsical effect. Seamstress and artist Celibeth Donnelly is a jack-o-all-trades and master of many!  She's the inspiration behind this show and friend of many of our favorite artistic people.  For this show, we'll feature her new line of bags made from vintage men's ties, as well as her delightful collage prints and notecards. Last, but not least, we're thrilled that John Gutoskey has agreed to participate.  I've long admired his creative process and attention to minute details.  We know that he's bringing the mandala created from salvaged game parts, and look forward to seeing what other mixed media assemblages he'll have at FOUND for this special weekend show. Dates and times for Eco-funky Art Show.  April 20-22 at FOUND. Opening Reception.  Friday April 20  7:00-9:00 p.m. Saturday April 21  9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Sunday April 22   11:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.   Hope to see you there!     Continue reading

FOUND Eco-funky Art Show poster

Earth Day 2012 is April 22nd.  FOUND has a special eco-funky art show planned for that entire weekend.  We believe artists who use recycled materials are doin' their part to save the earth.  Here's a quick preview of our poster! Earth Day Art show I'm really excited to be featuring these 6 artists - all of them use recycled, found or vintage materials in ways that make me very happy!  Watch this space for details about the artists and what they're bringing.     Continue reading

FOUND Workshop Photos - Chris Roberts-Antieau

  It's been a busy summer for workshops at FOUND.  I'll use the next couple posts to show photos from the series. We were thrilled to host textile artist Chris Roberts-Antieau earlier this month.  Lots of creative sketching, planning, cutting, ironing and sewing took place in those two days! (Thanks to Pat Johnston who took these photos) The workshop started with sketching and drawing.  Then the fun of selecting colorful fabrics began!  Numerous tables throughout the room were STACKED with textiles of every color and pattern.  At the beginning of the workshop, they were all arranged by color in very neat piles.  By the end of the workshop, they looked like this.  Lots of creatve textile combinations happened in the meantime.   Chris pulled out her scissors - instruction in cutting, fusing and layering commenced!  Slowly, but surely, fabric "pictures" began to evolve.   A good iron is essential in doing art the Roberts-Antieau way! On the second day, the sewing began!         I was amazed as I watched everybody interpret their initial concepts onto fabric.          Two days wasn't nearly enough time to finish - work will continue at home.   The variety and lively use color and pattern in these projects was amazing.  We need to schedule a reunion for  this creative group of women in the autumn - after the finishing touches are completed.   We send a HUGE heartfelt THANK YOU to Chris (with help from Chris, Celibeth and Sylvia).  We're so fortunate to know you!         Continue reading

FUN with mixed media artists Lynn & John Whipple!

FOUND is hosting two mixed media workshops and a trunk show the weekend before Art Fairs with the Whipples.  This is the second year that Lynn and John have agreed to teach. Registration is at FOUND or They are a couple of our favorite artists from the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair and we're thrilled to have them back again!  The Whipples started exhibiting at The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Original in 2005, the same year that FOUND opened.  My friend and shop assistant, Sylvia Lang brought them to FOUND the day after that fair ended, knowing that the odd vintage hardware and paper we carry would appeal to them.  It's been interesting over the years to find "rust", antique epehemera, unusual surfaces and odd dodads for them - and the cadre of mixed media artists - that come to FOUND around Art Fair time.  If you've been to the fair, you probably recognize their work.  Lynn is a mixed media collage and assemblage artist.  John specializes in mixed media sculpture and painting.  Their booths sit side by side near Burton Tower - and you'll often see Lynn playing the guitar in the grass near her booth. Below are some links and photos.  What the photos don't capture is what great instructors they are - you'll have to come to the workshops to see for yourself! Here's John's website.  A couple images doesn't begin to tell the story of his diverse ways of getting surfaces to have a look unlike any other artist.  I'm facinated by the way he alters metal - especially rusty metal - to achieve unusual backgrounds for his paintings.  Look closely at his 3-D piece  for bits of old toys and bobbles.  I love the surprise element in his work. Here's Lynn's website.  She is one of the nicest, most encouraging, creative, fun people you could ever take a class from.  Her playfulness and sense of fun just spills out into her art.  Many people know her for her "Ninny" series, but her creativity is alway reaching out in new directions.    I just love her large multi-layered collage birds.  The Starling collage/painting was gigantic - I missed out on getting it for my living room last summer.... Here's a short version of our 3 days with Lynn & John Whipple at FOUND: Friday, July 15th from 6:00-9:00 p.m.  Trunk Show &  Welcome Party at FOUND.  You'll get a preview of their new art before the official start of Art Fair - enjoy refreshments (we love cheese and the market downstairs has the best) - and maybe Lynn will play a little banjo music...or bring some other surprises. Saturday, July 16.  10:00-4:00.  Collage! Collage! Collage! day long mixed media collage workshop at the Kerrytown Concert House.  Sunday, July 17.  10:00-4:00.  Assemblage in a Found Box workshop at the Kerrytown Concert House. The trunk show and welcome party is free and open to the public.  The workshops are $150/class.  BONUS:  If you refer a friend to come and have fun with you at the class, you'll both get a $10 FOUND gift card.  If you already signed up and refer a friend, you'll also get a $10 gift card.  Limit 5 friend bonus. Register today on this website or by calling or stopping by the shop.  734.302.3060.     . Continue reading