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Annual October "Old Stuff" Sale at FOUND


 If you are on our email list, follow FOUND on Facebook or have been in the shop this month, you know about our "Old Stuff" sale already.  It's that time of year when all vintage and antique merchandise is 20% off.  Throughout October we clear as much of the vintage as possible to make room for the November switch0ver to the holidays.  I had a chance to go to some great sales in August and September so we started the month with fresh vintage merchandise.  Above are some tags that were intended to be attached to a cows ear.  Never used, but nicely rusted around the edges. Found them at The 3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington, Illinois.  Might be fun to use in jewelry or collage. dollheads I found over a hundred pairs of vintage sleepeye sets of doll eyeballs at the Alameda Antiques Market when I was in San Francisco in August.  The counterweight mechanism and piece that would attach into the nose makes it so they stand upright. Reminds me of something out of A Bugs Life or Toy Story.  Fun to have on a shelf or play with. eyeballs At the Allegan, Michigan antique show, I found a huge lot of drawer pulls.  Only have about 8 left, but they would be wonderful on kitchen cabinets. handles   album Like old photographs?  I added lots of new snapshots to the fifty cent box this week.  And we have hundreds of loose cabinet cards and this wonderful old album filled with antique photographs.  I also bought a collection of over 250 postcards, mostly addressed to young Nellie Jones.  Some of my favorite Halloween postcards sold already, but the rests are all at FOUND now. pcWitch Remember - if it's old - it's on sale this month at FOUND!     Continue reading

May Market finds

My trip to The Third Sunday Market in Bloomington, Illinois yielded a van full of vintage treasures!  I returned home late Wednesday and have been working to get things cleaned and into the store.  Here's a small sampling of what we found.   Signs and vintage store display pieces were found at the Third Sunday Market and at Old Warehouse Antiques, also in Bloomington.  Vintage Beacon Shoe Sign The lighthouse image on this Beacon Shoe store sign would make it a great cottage accent.  It even lights up, so could work as a nightlight.  Another sign is for Red Goose Shoes, an iconic old name in children's shoes. Vintage Red Goose Shoes store sign I picked up 7 heavy old street signs.  4 of them for West Main Street.  In Ann Arbor, Main Street runs north and south, but if it runs east and west in your town, then I have a sign for that!  Also, one for East North Street, East Webster and South Clinton. vintage street sign I bought old store advertising display stands.  2 for LifeSavers and another for Beech Nut Gum.  All have bright, original vintage graphics. vintage Beech Nut Gum display rack The wackiest sign I got was a carnival sign for the bearded lady and the strong man.   I couldn't stand back far enough to  photograph the whole thing.  Here's part of it - It's covered with graffitti, but I think that's part of what makes it so cool. Picked up some creepy looking antique tin head dolls.  And some lovely old paper dolls. Found some little things that are fun to incorporate into recycled projects.  Rulers, game pieces, watch parts, DeKalb seed corn bag tags, old keys and more. vintage watch parts Replenished our salt and pepper drawer and supply of handstitched kitchen towels. I found quite a few photos and postcards that I need some time to sort and price before they end up at FOUND, but I did take in this interesting 1933 Chicago World's Fair "Foto Reel". Picked up almost 100 alphabet blocks to add to our supply.  Now is a good time to stop by if there are any particular letters you need. Filled two boxes with vintage pottery vases and planters.  Some kitchy and some really nice. This post is getting pretty long, so I'll end it with a wag of a tail and a good-bye for now! Everything pictured here is in the store now and available for purchase.  If you're intested in something you see, but not able to come to Ann Arbor, please call during business hours or email and we'd be happy to help you!  More photos soon. Continue reading